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lines() function in R Language is used to add lines of different types, color and width to an existing plot. Syntax: lines(x, y, col, lwd,… Read More
3D plot in R Language is used to add title, change viewing direction, and add color and shade to the plot. The persp() function which… Read More
points() function in R Language is used to add a group of points of specified shapes, size and color to an existing plot. Syntax: points(x,… Read More
Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the process of exploring or examining the social structure by using graph theory. It is used for measuring and analyzing… Read More
Predictive analysis in R Language is a branch of analysis which uses statistics operations to analyze historical facts to make predict future events. It is… Read More
List is a type of an object in R programming. Lists can contain heterogeneous elements like strings, numeric, matrices, or even lists. A list is… Read More
When it comes to interpreting the world and the enormous amount of data it is producing on a daily basis, Data Visualization becomes the most… Read More
A waffle chart shows progress towards a target or a completion percentage. Waffle Charts are a great way of visualizing data in relation to a… Read More
ggplot2 also termed as Grammar of Graphics is a free, opensource, and easy to use visualization package widely used in R. It is the most… Read More
R language is mostly used for the statistics and data analytics purposes to represent the data graphically in the software. To represent those data graphically,… Read More
ANOVA also known as Analysis of variance is used to investigate relations between categorical variable and continuous variable in R Programming. It is a type… Read More
Statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. The statistical analysis helps to make the… Read More
Every programming language has packages to implement different functions. Many functions are bundled together in a package. To use those functions, installation and loading of… Read More
A scatter plot is a set of dotted points to represent individual pieces of data in the horizontal and vertical axis. A graph in which… Read More
A box graph is a chart that is used to display information in the form of distribution by drawing boxplots for each of them. This… Read More

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