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dotchart() function in R Language is used to create a dot chart of the specified data. A dot chart is defined as a plot which… Read More
plot() function in R Programming Language is defined as a generic function for plotting. It can be used to create basic graphs of a different… Read More
Strip Chart is defined as one dimensional scatter plots or dot plots which is used as an alternative to box plot when sample sizes are… Read More
abline() function in R Language is used to add one or more straight lines to a graph. The abline() function can be used to add… Read More
Text is defined as a way to describe data related to graphical representation. They work as labels to any pictorial or graphical representation. In this… Read More
axis() function in R Language is to add axis to a plot. It takes side of the plot where axis is to be drawn as… Read More
pairs() function in R language is used to return a plot matrix, consisting of scatter plots corresponding to each data frame. R – Create Plot… Read More
The Quantile-Quantile Plot in Programming Language, or (Q-Q Plot) is defined as a value of two variables that are plotted corresponding to each other and… Read More
asp is a parameter of the plot() function in R Language is used to set aspect ratio of plots (Scatterplot and Barplot). Aspect ratio is… Read More
dgeom() function in R Programming is used to plot a geometric distribution graph. Syntax: dgeom(x, prob) Parameters: prob: prob of the geometric distribution x: x… Read More
rgb() function in R Language is used to specify the shade of the color red, green, and blue between 0 and 1. Further the specified… Read More
colors() function in R Language is used to show all the 657 color names that are contained in R programming.  Syntax: colors()Parameters: Does not accept any… Read More
arrows() function in R Language is used to create arrows between the points on the graph specified. Syntax: arrows(x0, y0, x1, y1, length) Parameters: x0:… Read More

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