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is.primitive() function in R Language is used to check if a function is a primitive function, i.e. its either a built-in function or a special… Read More
Social Network Analysis (SNA) is the process of exploring or examining the social structure by using graph theory. It is used for measuring and analyzing… Read More
Logarithm and Power are two very important mathematical functions that help in the calculation of data that is growing exponentially with time. First is the… Read More
The Poisson distribution represents the probability of a provided number of cases happening in a set period of space or time if these cases happen… Read More
Sometimes to analyze data using R, we need to convert data into another data type. As we know R has the following data types Numeric,… Read More
The collection of facts is known as data. Data can be in different forms. To analyze data using R programming Language, data should be first… Read More
Covariance and Correlation are terms used in statistics to measure relationships between two random variables. Both of these terms measure linear dependency between a pair… Read More
In R programming, there 5 basic objects. Lists are the objects that can contain heterogeneous types of elements, unlike vectors. Matrices can contain the same… Read More
by() function in R programming is an object-oriented wrapper function which performs the provided function on factor levels of the data set passed in the… Read More
with() function in R programming evaluates the expression in an environment constructed locally by the data and does not create a copy of the data.… Read More
unlist() function in R Language is used to convert a list to vector. It simplifies to produce a vector by preserving all components. Syntax: unlist(list)… Read More
transform() function in R Language is used to modify data. It converts the first argument to the data frame. This function is used to transform/modify… Read More
In this article, we are going to see case conversion of a string in R Programming Language. R – toupper() toupper() function in R Language… Read More
In this article, we are going to find the location and character vector of an object with a partial name in R Programming Language. R… Read More
weekdays() function in R Language is used to find out a day on a specific date and return as a string.  Syntax: weekdays(date)Parameters: x: date abbreviate: logical value  … Read More

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