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Given a Binary Search Tree and two keys in it. Find the distance between two nodes with given two keys. It may be assumed that… Read More
Round 1: Written exam with three sections, quantitative and reasoning, computer science and the last one is programming MCQ, each section with 25 min and… Read More
Round I     This round was 60 multiple choice questions(20-general aptitude, 20-technical, 20-again technical(based on either communication/electronics/computer science)).Technical was a bit easy and aptitude took… Read More
Qualcomm visited our campus for both Full time hiring and Internship for both hardware as well as software profiles. Round 1: 1st Round was an… Read More
Qualcomm visited for both Full time and Internship profiles for both hardware as well as software profiles. Round 1 1st Round was an online MCQ… Read More
Round 1: This was the round to filter 86 students out of 260 students, who appeared for the Online Quants test (organised by HirePro). It… Read More
Given the head of a linked list. The task is to find if a loop exists in the linked list if yes then return the… Read More
Qualcomm came for full time and internship (not both together) in our campus. Test consisted of written test followed with two technical and one HR… Read More
We are given a sorted array A[] of n elements. We need to find if x is present in A or not.In binary search we… Read More
Given a number n and a value k. From the right, set the kth bit in the binary representation of n. The position of LSB(or… Read More
Generate all prime numbers between two given numbers. The task is to print prime numbers in that range. The Sieve of Eratosthenes is one of… Read More
Stack It is a linear data structure that follows a particular order in which the operations are performed. LIFO( Last In First Out ): This… Read More
I have applied for Graphics Software Engineer position through LinkedIn. I was called for interview after 2 weeks of applying. Interview took place in Bangalore… Read More
It was really good experience at Qualcomm. I was interviewed for Associate Software Engineer and have an experience of an year, first by telephonic round… Read More
It was a very good experience to face interview at Qualcomm (Hyderabad-2016) I have attended the interview for a position of Software Engineer and My… Read More

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