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Qualcomm had the following four rounds of interview process Aptitude + Programming MCQs + Technical MCQs Tech Interview 1 Tech Interview 2 HR Round  … Read More
Background – Computer engg. branch Round 1: Online test divided into 3 sections : Aptitude – easy to moderate time would be a constraint Programming… Read More
Around 30 students attended the Round 1 (B.Tech + of my college) Round 1: Online Test It has 3 sections. Each section has 20… Read More
Round 1: Online Exam Exam having 60 question in total having 3 section each having 20 questions.30 minutes for each section. The marking scheme is… Read More
One of my friend who is there at Qualcomm refereed me. I received a mail from there side to give the written test. It was… Read More
DE Shaw One coding question (Graph BFS – Number of islands ) 10MCQS( Technical)  Samsung Semiconductor(Bangalore) 3 Hour 1 coding question  Samsung research(Bangalore) 1.5 hours 3 coding question  Microsoft 1.5 hours 3… Read More
Round 1: Online Exam This exam consists of 3 sections each containing 20 questions which have to solve in 30 min. After 30 min section… Read More
Qualcomm conducted following rounds: 1. Online test conducted by hire pro. You can prepare from prepinsta and geeksforgeeks. In aptitute section they also ask logical… Read More
Qualcomm process contains 4 or 5 rounds –  Aptitude+Programming mcqs+Technical mcqs Technical Interview I Technical Interview II Technical Interview III(may or may not be) HR… Read More
Round 1: Written Round Total Number of Questions – 60 Questions Total Time – 90 mins Quantitative Aptitude Questions Questions – 20 Ques Time –… Read More
Qualcomm visited our campus to hire software interns. The process had three rounds. Round 1: Logical reasoning and Technical test In this round, there were 60 questions… Read More
The test based on HirePro Examination. They had outsourced the first round to HirePro and had asked them for results on the basis of which… Read More
Round 1: Phone Interview – Lasted for 45 minutes(Originally scheduled for 30 minutes). Questions involved about resume and projects. Understanding of data structures. Coding :… Read More
Given a Binary Search Tree and two keys in it. Find the distance between two nodes with given two keys. It may be assumed that… Read More
Round 1: Written exam with three sections, quantitative and reasoning, computer science and the last one is programming MCQ, each section with 25 min and… Read More

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