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Python String lstrip() method returns a copy of the string with leading characters removed (based on the string argument passed). If no argument is passed,… Read More
translate() returns a string that is modified string of givens string according to given translation mappings. There are two ways to translate : Providing a… Read More
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Given a string, print all the possible substrings which are also the prefix of the given string. Examples: Input : ababc Output : a, ab,… Read More
In Python, while operating with String, one can do multiple operations on it. Let’s see how to iterate over characters of a string in Python.… Read More
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Given a tuple of characters, Write a python program to convert the tuple into a string.  Examples:  Input : ('a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e') Output… Read More
The generic problem faced by the programmers is removing a character from the entire string. But sometimes the requirement is way above and demands the… Read More
Given a string S consisting only of lowercase letters, the task is to check if the frequency of all characters of the string is unique.… Read More

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