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Tag Archives: python-string

Python String isalpha() method is used to check whether all characters in the String is an alphabet. Python String isalpha() Method Syntax: Syntax:  string.isalpha() Parameters:… Read More
Given a string str that may contain one more occurrences of “AB”. Replace all occurrences of “AB” with “C” in str. Examples: Input : str… Read More
Python String index() Method allows a user to find the index of the first occurrence of an existing substring inside a given string. Python String… Read More
Python String isspace() method returns “True” if all characters in the string are whitespace characters, Otherwise, It returns “False”. This function is used to check… Read More
Given a string “str” and another string “sub_str”. We are allowed to delete “sub_str” from “str” any number of times. It is also given that… Read More

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