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An environment variable is a variable that is created by the Operating System. Environment variables are created in the form of Key-Value pairs. To Access… Read More
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While programming in any language, interaction between the programs and the operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS) can become important at some point in any developer’s… Read More
Modules are simply a python .py file from which we can use functions, classes, variables in another file. To use these things in another file… Read More
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In this article, we will discuss how to move multiple folders into one folder. This can be done using Python’s OS and Shutil module. Approach:… Read More
Prerequisite: OS module in Python. os.replace() method in Python is used to rename the file or directory. If destination is a directory, OSError will be… Read More
Prerequisites: Webbrowser HTML files contain Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is used to design and format the structure of a webpage. It is stored in… Read More
We can get the location (path) of the running script file .py with __file__. __file__ is useful for reading other files and it gives the… Read More
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We often need to access various file properties for a different purposes. Among the file properties, the creation and modification time of a file are… Read More
This article starts with a basic introduction to Python shell commands and why one should use them. It also describes the three primary ways to… Read More

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