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Art package is used to print decorative art’s on the terminal as well as to save in file and a word can be represented by… Read More
The chess module is a pure Python chess library with move generation, move validation and support for common formats. We can play chess with it.… Read More
Unicode is generally represented as “\u4EB0\U5317” but this is nearly useless to a user who actually wants to read the real stuff what the text… Read More
Sometimes terminal text can be hard to read, the fontstyle module is package hosted on for manipulating text. It can be used to break… Read More
The beeply module in python will helps you produce musical notes using your computer’s characteristic beep sounds. It’s completely written in python ( using winsound… Read More
Pycricbuzz is a python library that can be used to get live scores, commentary and full scorecard for recent and live matches.  In case you… Read More
Audio metadata is information embedded into audio files to identify and label audio files. Metadata includes information like artist, genre, album and track number. This… Read More
Web Scraping is a powerful tool to gather information from a website. To scrape multiple URLs, we can use a Python library called Newspaper3k. The… Read More
We will use the ipaddress module for this purpose. ipaddress is a module that helps in the creation, manipulation and operation on IPv4 and IPv6… Read More
The max_error() function computes the maximum residual error. A metric that captures the worst-case error between the predicted value and the true value. This function… Read More
CherryPy also known as a web application library is a Python web framework that provides a friendly interface to the HTTP protocol for Python developers.… Read More
A good diet is an integral aspect of a balanced lifestyle. It defines the well-being of a human being. Nutrients are divided into two categories i.e macronutrients… Read More
Tired of having to use online docx to PDF converters with crappy interfaces and conversion limits? Then, look no further than your friendly neighborhood language… Read More
Alarm Time is a python module in python which is used to play with the date and time, using default datetime module of python. A… Read More
Python has a package for converting Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar called jdcal . It simplifies conversion between both of systems so much that by… Read More

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