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While developing an application or exploring some features of a language, one might need to debug the code anytime. Therefore, having an idea of debugging… Read More
Word Embedding is a language modeling technique used for mapping words to vectors of real numbers. It represents words or phrases in vector space with… Read More
Iterable is an object, that one can iterate over. It generates an Iterator when passed to iter() method. An iterator is an object, which is… Read More
Data Visualization is the presentation of data in graphical format. It helps people understand the significance of data by summarizing and presenting huge amount of… Read More
Web scraping basically refers to fetching only some important piece of information from one or more websites. Every website has recognizable structure/pattern of HTML elements. … Read More
What does ~~~~~~5 evaluate to? (A) +5 (B) -11 (C) +11 (D) -5 Answer: (A) Explanation: ~x is equivalent to -(x+1).Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment… Read More
Which of the following is not a complex number? (A) k = 2 + 3j (B) k = complex(2, 3) (C) k = 2 +… Read More
What is the output of the following program : print 0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3 (A) True (B) False (C) Machine dependent (D) Error Answer:… Read More
Which module in Python supports regular expressions? (A) re (B) regex (C) pyregex (D) None of the above Answer: (A) Explanation: re is a part… Read More
Given a function that does not return any value, what value is shown when executed at the shell? (A) int (B) bool (C) void (D)… Read More

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