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Python list max() function returns the maximum value present in the list. Python List max() Method Syntax: Syntax: max(listname) Parameter: listname : Name of list… Read More
The Python’s List extend() method iterates over an iterable like string, list, tuple, etc., and adds each element of the iterable to the end of… Read More
The Python List append() method is used for appending and adding elements to the end of the List.  Syntax: list.append(item) Parameters: item: an item to… Read More
Python List clear() method is used for removing all items from the List. The list clear() Method modifies the list in-place, i.e. It doesn’t create… Read More
Given a string S, the task is to print permutations of all words in a sentence. Examples: Input: S = “sky is blue”Output:  sky is… Read More
Given a string S of length N, representing a sentence, the task is to print the words with the highest and lowest average of ASCII… Read More
Lists are just like dynamically sized arrays, declared in other languages (vector in C++ and ArrayList in Java). Lists need not be homogeneous always which… Read More
Python Lists have various in-built methods to remove items from the list. Apart from these, we can also use different methods to remove an element… Read More
Using ‘+’ operator to add an element in the list in Python: The use of the ‘+’ operator causes Python to access each element of… Read More
List in Python is mainly implementation of dynamic sized arrays (like ArrayList in Java or vector in C++). Capacity of a list means number of… Read More
Given a String S, a character array ch[], a number N and a replacing character, the task is to replace every Nth occurrence of each… Read More
Python List Copy() methods return a shallow copy of a list(returns a new list without modifying the original lists). Sometimes, there is a need to… Read More
There are many ways of clearing the list through methods of different constructs offered by Python language. Let’s try to understand each of the methods… Read More
python iter() method returns the iterator object, it is used to convert an iterable to the iterator. Syntax : iter(obj, sentinel) Parameters :  obj :… Read More
Binary Search is a technique used to search element in a sorted list. In this article, we will looking at library functions to do Binary… Read More

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