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The trend of Data Science and Analytics is increasing day by day. From the data science pipeline, one of the most important steps is model… Read More
Django has become one of popular frameworks over the past few years. Often, after creating your django project, you are confused, how to share it… Read More
When site A wants to access content from another site B, it is called a Cross-Origin request. As it is disabled for security reasons, B… Read More
Project Title – Basic Ecommerce Website using Django  Django is a powerful framework based on python. Here we will see how to create a basic… Read More
Often the default Django admin page is great and it is all we need for our projects but sometimes we may want to expand what… Read More
Some functions are hard as well as boring to code each and every time. But Django users don’t have to worry about that because Django… Read More
 In Django, select_related and prefetch_related are designed to stop the deluge of database queries that are caused by accessing related objects. In this article, we… Read More
Every new Django project should use a custom user model. The official Django documentation says it is “highly recommended” but I’ll go a step further and say… Read More
Machine Learning: A computer is able to learn from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is one of the top fields to enter currently… Read More
Gradio is an open-source python library which allows you to quickly create easy to use, customizable UI components for your ML model, any API, or… Read More
Commenting on a post is the most common feature a post have and implementing in Django is way more easy than in other frameworks. To… Read More
Selenium is a library that enables the automation of web browsers. It is most popularly used for testing web applications. At the heart of Selenium… Read More
If you work with deep learning, you probably have faced a situation where your model takes too long to learn, and you have to keep… Read More
When starting to learn Machine Learning, one of the biggest issues people face is deploying whatever they make to the web for easier demonstration/use. This… Read More
WHAT IS SANIC? Sanic is an asynchronous web framework and web server for Python 3.5+ that’s written to go fast. Sanic was developed at MagicStack… Read More

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