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The keys() method in Python Dictionary, returns a view object that displays a list of all the keys in the dictionary in order of insertion… Read More
Python Dictionary update() method updates the dictionary with the elements from another dictionary object or from an iterable of key/value pairs. Syntax: dict.update([other]) Parameters: This… Read More
Dictionary in Python is an unordered collection of data values, used to store data values like a map, which unlike other Data Types that hold… Read More
Python Dictionary setdefault() returns the value of a key (if the key is in dictionary). Else, it inserts a key with the default value to… Read More
Python dictionary fromkeys() function returns the dictionary with key mapped and specific value. It creates a new dictionary from the given sequence with the specific… Read More
Prerequisite: Dictionary Note: Output of all these programs is tested on Python3 1.What is the output of the following of code? a = {i: i… Read More
Prerequisite: Python-Dictionary.  How to create a dictionary where a key is formed using inputs? Let us consider an example where have an equation for three input… Read More
Given a list of sentences and a list of phrases. The task is to find which sentence(s) contain all the words in a phrase and… Read More
Given an unsorted list of some elements(may or may not be integers), Find the frequency of each distinct element in the list using a dictionary. Example:  … Read More
Given an array of N distinct elements and a number val, rearrange the array elements according to the absolute difference with val, i. e., element… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how we sort a dictionary by value and keys in Python. Need for Sorting in Dictionary We need sorting… Read More
Given different scored marks of students. We need to find grades. The test score is an average of the respective marks scored in assignments, tests… Read More
Given a matrix mat[][] having n rows and m columns. We need to find unique elements in matrix i.e, those elements which are not repeated… Read More
Python String format_map() method is an inbuilt function in Python, which is used to return a dictionary key’s value. Syntax:  string.format_map(z) Parameters:  Here z is… Read More
Dictionary in Python is a collection of keys values, used to store data values like a map, which, unlike other data types which hold only… Read More

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