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In python, dictionaries are containers that map one key to its value with access time complexity to be O(1). But in many applications, the user… Read More
1. fromkeys(seq,value) :- This method is used to declare a new dictionary from the sequence mentioned in its arguments. This function can also initialize the… Read More
1. str(dic) :- This method is used to return the string, denoting all the dictionary keys with their values. 2. items() :- This method is… Read More
We use two operators * (for tuples) and ** (for dictionaries).  Background Consider a situation where we have a function that receives four arguments. We want… Read More
Python Dictionary get() Method return the value for the given key if present in the dictionary. If not, then it will return None (if get()… Read More
I was watching a movie yesterday and I didn’t understand some of the words used. So what I did was, each time I didn’t understand… Read More
In the previous two articles (Set 2 and Set 3), we discussed the basics of python. In this article, we will learn more about python… Read More

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