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Dictionary in Python is an unordered collection of data values that are used to store data values like a map. Unlike other Data Types that… Read More
Python contains a container called “ChainMap” which encapsulates many dictionaries into one unit. ChainMap is member of module “collections“. Example: # Python program to demonstrate  … Read More
Python supports a type of container dictionaries called “namedtuple()” present in the module, “collections“. Like dictionaries, they contain keys that are hashed to a particular… Read More
Deque (Doubly Ended Queue) in Python is implemented using the module “collections“. Deque is preferred over a list in the cases where we need quicker… Read More
An OrderedDict is a dictionary subclass that remembers the order that keys were first inserted. The only difference between dict() and OrderedDict() is that: OrderedDict… Read More
The counter is a container included in the collections module. Now you all must be wondering what is a container. Don’t worry first let’s discuss… Read More