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We are given a list of n numbers and a number x, the task is to write a python program to find out all possible… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how to convert a nested OrderedDict to dict? Before this we must go through some concepts: Dictionary in Python… Read More
The full-form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. It means that a script (executable) file which is made of text in a programming language, is… Read More
An OrderedDict is a subclass that preserves the order in which the keys are inserted. The difference between OrderedDict and Dict is that the normal… Read More
In simple words, any object that could be looped over is iterable. For instance, a list object is iterable and so is an str object.… Read More
Both queue.queue and collections.deque commands give an idea about queues in general to the reader but, both have a very different application hence shouldn’t be… Read More
Both LIFOQueue and Deque can be used using in-built modules Queue and Collections in Python, both of them are data structures and are widely used,… Read More
Deque is a Double Ended Queue which is implemented using the collections module in Python. Let us see how can we get the first and… Read More
Counter class is a special type of object data-set provided with the collections module in Python3. Collections module provides the user with specialized container datatypes,… Read More
Data Class: Data Class is a type of class that is used to store data without any functionality. These data classes are just regular classes… Read More
The collection Module in Python provides different types of containers. A Container is an object that is used to store different objects and provide a… Read More
An OrderedDict is a dict that remembers the order in that keys were first inserted. If a new entry overwrites an existing entry, the original… Read More
Python Lists are array-like data structure but unlike it can be homogeneous. A single list may contain DataTypes like Integers, Strings, as well as Objects.… Read More
An unordered collection of data values that are used to store data values like a map is known as Dictionary in Python. Unlike other Data… Read More
Strings are the arrays of bytes representing Unicode characters. However, Python does not support the character data type. A character is a string of length… Read More

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