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Python  __lt__  magic method is one magic method that is used to define or implement the functionality of the less than operator “<” , it… Read More
Python __len__ is one of the various magic methods in Python programming language, it is basically used to implement the len() function in Python because… Read More
Python __add__() function is one of the magic methods in Python that returns a new object(third) i.e. the addition of the other two objects. It… Read More
Python String translate() method returns a modified string replacing the characters described in a dictionary, or in a hash table. Syntax: string.translate(hash map) Parameters string-… Read More
Python len() function is an inbuilt function in Python. It can be used to find the length of an object.  Python len() function Syntax: len(Object)… Read More
Python provides a lot of built-in functions that eases the writing of code. In this article, you will find the list of all built-in functions… Read More
Python String rjust() method returns a new string of a given length after substituting a given character on the left side of the original string.… Read More
Python String ljust() method left aligns the string according to the width specified and fills the remaining space of the line with blank space if… Read More
Python String maketrans() function is used to construct the transition table i.e specify the list of characters that need to be replaced in the whole… Read More
The python open() function is used to open() internally stored files. It returns the contents of the file as python objects. Syntax: open(file_name, mode)  Parameters:… Read More
The python print() function as the name suggests is used to print a python object(s) in Python as standard output. Syntax: print(object(s), sep, end, file,… Read More
Linear equations using one variable of the form a + bx = c + dx can be solved in Python using eval() function. The input… Read More
In python programming, sometimes it is necessary to remove all decimals from a number to get the required output. These decimals are also called Floating… Read More
Fractions are a part of a whole commodity that can be expressed in the form of a numerator divided by the denominator. A fraction is… Read More
Given a number N, the task is to write a Python program to print the octal value of the numbers from 1 to N. Examples:… Read More

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