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Puzzles are asked in Interviews to check our problem-solving skills. Here we are providing you with the top 100 puzzles that are asked in Interviews.… Read More
Overview: Numbers are given in different segments of a geometrical figure. One segment is left blank. We are required to analyze the pattern or rule… Read More
An evil wizard had a hundred dwarfs as prisoners. One day he calls them and makes them stand consistent with their height, with the tallest… Read More
Puzzle: What is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand on a clock if the time is 3:15? Angle Between Hour and… Read More
Importance of Month-Based problem In banking exams such as IBPS, SBI, and RRB PO and Clerk, the Month Based problem plays an important role in… Read More
There are N stairs, a person standing at the bottom wants to reach the top. The person can climb either 1 stair or 2 stairs… Read More
In Ball Sort Puzzle game, we have p balls of each colour and n different colours, for a total of p×n balls, arranged in n… Read More
A person wants to transfer bananas over to a destination A km away. He initially has B bananas and a camel. The camel cannot carry… Read More
A Rubik’s Cube is an interesting puzzle invented by ‘Erno Rubik’ which has 43 quintillion possible configurations. But with the use of certain algorithms, it… Read More
Puzzle:In the new post-apocalyptic world, the world queen is desperately concerned about the birth rate. Therefore, she decrees that all families should ensure that they… Read More
Problem Statement: Suppose there are three containers; container I (3L), container II (5L), container III (8L). Container III is filled with 8L of water while… Read More
A man fell in a 50m deep well. He climbs 4 meters up and slips 3 meters down in one day. How many days would… Read More
Given four sticks of length ‘a’ and four more sticks of length ‘b’. The length of ‘b’ is exactly half of the length of ‘a’.… Read More
Joe is a person who can’t keep his secrets. He is that much careless that all his relatives and friends know his Debit Card PIN.… Read More
Given a symmetrical Greek cross, the task is to cut the symmetrical Greek cross into five pieces, so that one piece shall be a smaller… Read More

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