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Given two strings A and B of equal lengths consisting of lower case English letters. The task is to count the minimum number of pre-processing… Read More
Given N Big Candies and M Small Candies. One Big Candy can be bought by paying X small candies. Alternatively, one big candy can be… Read More
Two players are playing a series of games of Rock–paper–scissors. There are a total of K games played. Player 1 has a sequence of moves… Read More
Given 9 elements in a 3 x 3 matrix where the value of diagonals is 0. We need to find the values in the diagonal… Read More
Given an integer n, the task is to find the number of trailing zeros in the function i.e. f(n) = 11 * 22 * 33 *… Read More
Given an integer K and an array arr[] of N integers which contains the ids of the opened apps in a system where  arr[0] is… Read More
Given an integer N and a pizza which can be cut into pieces, each cut should be a straight line going from the center of… Read More
Given a matrix mat[][] containing the characters [1 – 9], P and * where P is a person and * is an empty space. An… Read More
Given a string str containing only characters 0, 1, and 2, you can swap any two adjacent (consecutive) characters 0 and 1 or any two… Read More
Given a matrix mat[][] containing the characters Z, P and * where Z is a zombie, P is a plant and * is a bare… Read More
Given two integers n and m where n is the number of 0s and m is the number of 1s. The task is to print… Read More
Given an array A[] of size N / 2, the task is to construct the array B[] of size N such that:   B[] is sorted… Read More
You have an unlimited number of 10-rupee coins and exactly one coin of r rupee and you need to buy minimum items each of cost… Read More
Given an array arr[] of n integers, construct a Sum Array sum[] (of same size) such that sum[i] is equal to the sum of all… Read More
Given three arrays names[], marks[] and updates[] where:  names[] contains the names of students. marks[] contains the marks of the same students. updates[] contains the… Read More

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