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Project Title: SyncSpy Problems We Are Dealing With: Crimes are one of the major problems almost every city is dealing with but what exacerbates this… Read More
Project Title:- Hand-web Browser – Controlling Web Browser via different hand gestures Introduction:- Web Browsers is a very common software application which we use every… Read More
Project Title: myVision Objective: The idea behind this project is to create an application that would assist people with visual impairment in analyzing their surroundings.… Read More
Project Title: DCube Introduction:Car accident is the major cause of death in which around 1.3 million people die every year. Majority of these accidents are… Read More
Project Title: Introduction: Nowadays web advertisement is growing very fast. Many Advertisers prefer to put their ads on Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Youtube channels… Read More
Project Title: Go Solar Green Introduction: Go solar green is an application made for solar panel users. It helps them to identify the correct angle… Read More
Project Title: Baby Monitoring Smart Cradle  Introduction: As we are very well familiar with the hurdles faced by Parents to nurture their infant and especially in… Read More
Project Title: AR Search Introduction and Conceptual framework: AR Search is an Android app based on the latest technologies. The technologies we used in the… Read More
Project Title: Get Resources Introduction: As a beginner when I started to learn code I had to face various difficulties, for example, Which programming language… Read More
Project Title: Ghar Ke Chefs Introduction: Our Android application, GharKeChefs, is a platform that lets you buy or sell your home-made cooked food items among… Read More
Project Title: MySlam Introduction: MySlam is a digital slambook. It is a way to know more about people like what they like, what they dislike,… Read More
Project Title: Info-Chain  Introduction:- It’s a project of sharing the information i.e. while studying, the student stuck in any query then they GOOGLE that query… Read More
Project Title: Properkodo Introduction: Users have to mention their usernames for different websites separately in their resume and it becomes a difficult task for recruiters… Read More
Project Title: FarmAhead Introduction: Agriculture and technology, two extremes of sustainable development in their element. Farmhead is a combination of these focus in making as… Read More
Project Title: Social – Cop Introduction: Purpose:- A mobile-based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Every day we face many… Read More

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