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Project Title: CafeWifi Introduction CafeWifi system is an attempt to automate the WiFi access to only customers of the cafe. In today’s times, cafes have… Read More
Project Title: Slotify Introduction: This Project is similar to Spotify, A music website. In this, you can create your own playlist, upload and download any… Read More
Project Title: Study Helper Background: All of us know that the last preparation of the exam is the “Revision”.Without revision preparation is incomplete. So what… Read More
Project Title: Technical Wizard – A Quiz Application  Introduction:- India has a large number of Engineering Colleges, and almost all of them have Computer Science… Read More
Project Title: Real Time Vehicle Tracking Introduction: This project aims to solve the problem of tracking and accountability of vehicles by providing a software platform.… Read More
Project Title: Road Accident Safety System Introduction: In India there are many deaths approximately more than 150000 deaths due to road accidents and this rate… Read More
Project Title: Online Trial Room Introduction: Purpose of the program is to let the customer try clothes on their 3 Dimensional Model created on screen… Read More
Project Title: Automated Resume Builder Introduction: As placement season of most of the colleges is going to start, making Resume is a very hectic work… Read More
Project Title: Recurse and C Introduction: When we study recursive functions, we all wish we could visualize and watch them run step-by-step and then rewind… Read More
Project Title: GTU Result Analyser Introduction: Gujarat Technological University has over 250 institutes offering various courses. Just Imagine you are associated with a college and… Read More
Project Title: Know More Introduction: A famous personality tweets something, so it must be unbiased. Right? Wrong. Don’t just believe anything you see. We’ve all… Read More
Project Title: Study Buddy – Personalized Learning Objective: The objective of this project is to provide a personalized learning environment with learning paths and a… Read More
Project Title: Third Eye – Aid For Blind. Introduction: This project aims to develop a complete portable aid(Raspberry Pi) for blind pedestrians and deal with… Read More
Project Title: SchoolPool Introduction: Still going school to school to search best for your kid? Well, School pool is a solution where you can find… Read More
Project Title: We Connect (Write your way.) Introduction: It is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, people, write their experiences, and provide a… Read More

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