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Project Title: Video Classification based on teaching styles Problem Statement: Every professor has his/her unique style of teaching and based on his/her teaching style he/she… Read More
Project Title: Office Room Availability INTRODUCTION: The idea of making human life faster and comfortable is the essence of discovering “Internet of Things”. “Internet of… Read More
Project Title: Rakshak – A Woman’s 24×7 Companion Introduction: We all are very well aware of the terrible safety conditions for women in India nowadays.… Read More
Project Title: Bus Notification System Using Crowdsourcing Introduction: Most of the daily commuters of RTC are curious to know the exact time of arrival of… Read More
Project Title: Instant Notification Tool [WebApp] for indicating low fuel levels Introduction: A vast majority of cars owners/drivers don’t keep extra petrol/diesel for emergency use… Read More
Project Title: Fast Transplant Introduction: Organ transplantation in India comes with a varied number of unwanted discrepancies. Lack of an efficiently centralized metadata to generate… Read More
Project Title: Versatile Jenkins CLI Introduction: Jenkins is a self-contained, open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks related… Read More
Project Title: Shopping Made Easy Introduction: Today, shopping in a supermarket store requires standing in a long queue for billing. This leads to a lot… Read More
Project Title: HelpAtEase Introduction: The project was developed to ease out the communication between individuals and non-profit organizations. The greatest problem one faces is the… Read More
Project Title: Electronic-File_Shield  Introduction: The basic idea of the project is collective but also seclusively accessible storage of data. Here in this project, we have tried… Read More
Project Title: Website Generator using their Facebook/Instagram Page Introduction: The Idea is to provide a website for those students who make their Facebook /Instagram page… Read More
Project Title: Payto (Pay Through offline) Introduction: Today our country is taking every step to digitize the payment and bring everything online. Paytm, Paypal, Tez… Read More
Project Title: CART(CROWD ANALYTICS in REAL TIME) INTRODUCTION: They say “Relevant, actionable data is your ace of spades”. But to play that card, one needs… Read More
Project Title: IOT based Home Device controller Introduction: The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP… Read More
Project Title: APTrack (Air Pollution Track) Purpose: To make the user aware of air pollution his vehicle uses and give him solutions to reduce it.… Read More

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