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Introduction The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is triggering a worldwide health catastrophe, hence the World Health Organization recommends wearing a face mask in designated areas. Face… Read More
Project title: Object Detection and Tracking Introduction: A lot of people go to supermarkets and retail stores and shops to idle around and window-shop instead… Read More
Project Title: Cat vs Dog Image Classifier  Introduction:  This project aims to classify the input image as either a dog or a cat image. The… Read More
Don’t believe everything you see Project Title : HAWS – Homograph Attack Warning System If you belong to 21st Century, you may have probably seen… Read More
Project Title: Development of an App-enabled Smart Helmet for Real-time Detection and Reporting of Accidents 1. Introduction: Road accidents are dreaded incidents which are known… Read More
Project Title: Availability Aware Distributed Data Deduplication Problem Statement: In this project, we aim to reduce the resources like storage space, I/O disk operations of… Read More
Project Title: SenseWater Introduction: In everyday life, there must be some physical elements that need to be controlled in order for them to perform their… Read More
Project Title: Re-Medi Introduction and Need India, the country known for its vast and diverse culture, scaling one of the fastest growing economy, housing the… Read More
Project Title: Drone Delivery – Make a step ahead for Future Introduction: At present we all were in the Generation where each and every door… Read More
Project Title: Pavement Distress Detection Using Drone Imaging Introduction: Street pavement construction and repair includes a huge part of Indian metropolitan spending budgets. Survey and… Read More
Project Title: YouTube Ad Recommendation Idea : A B2B application, to segment YouTube videos on the basis of content, to optimize conversion rate of Ads.… Read More
Project Title: Women Safety Empower Introduction: We are probably living in the worst time our modern society has ever seen in terms of women security.… Read More
Project Title: CamCaliber Introduction: Camera calibration is an important task in computer vision applications. In a video surveillance system with a single static camera, object… Read More
Project Title: Knowledge Value Introduction: We face this problem every day. We search on YouTube for a video related to our projects and/or studies but… Read More
Project Title: Express Introduction: AAC or Augmentative and Alternative Communication can be defined as a non-speech form of communication. This form of communication usually uses… Read More

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