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Problem Statement: Two persons are supposed to meet a spot at a time interval of one hour. The person who comes first will wait for… Read More
Given a dice with m-faces. The first face of the dice contains a dot, the second one contains two dots, and so on, the m-th… Read More
Given a rope. We have to find the probability of cutting a rope into 3 pieces such that they form a triangle. Answer: 0.25 Explanation:… Read More
A Geek is about to get a plane to Hyderabad. Geek wants to know if it’s raining. Geek calls 3 random friends staying at Hyderabad… Read More
We have a stick of length L. The stick got broken at (n-1) randomly chosen points (lengths of parts can be non-integer or floating point… Read More
Given an array of 1 and 0’s, where Ai = 1 denotes that ith day was a rainy day and Ai = 0 denotes it… Read More
Given N which denotes the initial position of the person on the number line. Also given L which is the probability of the person of… Read More
Given N containers consisting of N copies of number A and N copies of number B. We need to arrange the numbers in the N… Read More
Given a number n and an array containing 1 to (2n+1) consecutive numbers. Three elements are chosen at random. Find the probability that the elements… Read More
A person starts walking from position X = 0, find the probability to reach exactly on X = N if she can only take either… Read More
Given a Binary Tree with children Nodes, Return a random Node with an equal Probability of selecting any Node in tree.Consider the given tree with… Read More
Given an array of N integers, You have to find the probability of choosing a random pair(i, j), i < j such that A[i] +… Read More
Given two arrays A and B, a random pair is picked having an element from array A and another from array B. Output the probability… Read More
Prosecutor’s fallacy is a very famous but neglected application of Baye’s rule. Prosecutor’s fallacy is a fallacy in statistical reasoning. This very famous problem uncovers… Read More
You have a basketball hoop and someone says that you can play one of two games. Game1 : You get one shot to make the… Read More

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