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Given three integers N, M, X. The task is to find the probability of distributing M items among X bags such that first bag contains… Read More
Given an array p[] of odd length N where p[i] denotes the probability of getting a head on the ith coin. As the coins are… Read More
Given four integers a, b, c and d. Player A & B try to score a penalty. Probability of A shooting the target is a… Read More
Simpson’s Paradox in layman’s term is the reversal of relationship within data with respect to the subgroups of data after combining those subgroups data. For… Read More
Given a matrix M of order N*M where Mij represent the occurrence of j in row i. The task is to find the probability of… Read More
Given four integers p, q, r, and s. Two players are playing a game where both the players hit a target and the first player… Read More
Problem : Find the expected number of times a coin must be flipped to get two heads consecutively? Solution : The key is to observe… Read More
DATA COMPRESSION AND ITS TYPES Data Compression, also known as source coding, is the process of encoding or converting data in such a way that it… Read More
Given that the three players playing a game of rolling dice. Player1 rolled a die got A and player2 rolled a die got B. The… Read More
Given two coins which have probability of getting heads p% and q% respectively, the task is to determine the probability of getting two consecutive heads… Read More
Given a Markov chain G, we have the find the probability of reaching the state F at time t = T if we start from… Read More
Given the sum. The task is to find out the probability of occurring that sum on the thrown of the two dice N times. Probability is… Read More
Given 6 point inside a square of side 10cm, what is the probability that there exist at least two points whose distance is less than… Read More
The poisson process is one of the most important and widely used processes in probability theory. It is widely used to model random points in… Read More
Non-homogeneous Poisson process model (NHPP) represents the number of failures experienced up to time t is a non-homogeneous Poisson process {N(t), t ≥ 0}. The… Read More

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