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Probability revolves around assigning a numerical value to this degree of uncertainty. Or in other words, probability refers to uncertainty about the occurrence of an… Read More
Probability in simple words is the prediction of the happening of an event before it has already happened. We do prediction in many things in… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, representing the number of balls of each of N distinct colors, the task is to find the probability… Read More
Probability describes the chance that an uncertain event will occur. Empirical probability is based upon how likely an event has occurred in the past. It… Read More
Probability Distribution for a Random Variable shows how Probabilities are distributed over for different values of the Random Variable. When all values of Random Variable… Read More
Introduction : Suppose an event can occur several times within a given unit of time. When the total number of occurrences of the event is… Read More
Probability means the chances of a number of occurrences of an event. In simple language, it is the possibility that an event will occur or… Read More
Probability means the chances of the number of occurrences of an event. In simple language, it is the possibility that an event will occur or… Read More
Given three integers N, A, and B, the task is to calculate the probability that the sum of numbers obtained on throwing the dice exactly… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution in detail with the related theorems. Bernoulli trial is also known… Read More
Probability refers to the extent of the occurrence of events. When an event occurs like throwing a ball, picking a card from the deck, etc… Read More
Binomial distribution is the probability distribution of no. of Bernoulli trials i.e. if a Bernoulli trial is performed n times the probability of its success… Read More
Let B be an event with non-zero probability. The conditional probability of any event A given B is defined as: In other words, P(A|B) is… Read More
Given two strings S and T, where S represents the first lane in which vehicles move from left to right and T represents the second… Read More
In probability, a random variable is a variable whose value is the outcome of a random experiment. Random variables are categorized as discrete and continuous… Read More

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