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Probability can be defined as a chance of occurring a particular event. The range of probabilities lies between 0 to 1, or 0% to 100%… Read More
Probability is the estimation of the possibility of random events happening, and its value ranges from 0 to 1. The probability of a sure event… Read More
If in ANOVA test we come to a conclusion that we have to reject our null hypothesis(H0) and then we know that some treatment or… Read More
Probability refers to the extent of the occurrence of events. When an event occurs like throwing a ball, picking a card from the deck, etc.,… Read More
Given two arrays arr1[] and arr2[] consisting of N and M integers respectively, the task is to find the probability of randomly selecting the two… Read More
In daily conversations, people often use statements like “It might rain today” or “I will most probably pass the exam as the exam was not… Read More
In a cricket match, before the game begins. Two captains go for a toss. Tossing is an activity of flipping a coin and checking the… Read More
Hearing the word probability brings up nebulous concepts related to uncertainty or randomness. The concept of probability is hard to describe formally, the closest intuition… Read More
Probability refers to the extent of occurrence of events. When an event occurs like throwing a ball, picking a card from the deck, etc, then… Read More
Frequency Distribution occurs everywhere in our lives. Meteorological department, Data Scientists, Civil Engineers almost all the professions use frequency distributions in their professions. These distributions… Read More
As a Part of Society, communication with people around is very common, and not all communications include facts. Facts are the Universal truth that we… Read More
Given an integer P, that increases either by A or B with 50% probability each, in the next N consecutive days, the task is to… Read More
Given two positive integers N and S, the task is to count the number of unique outcomes possible when S flip operations are performed on… Read More
Probability theory is an important topic for those who study mathematics in higher classes. For example, Weather forecast of some areas says that there is… Read More
Probability revolves around assigning a numerical value to this degree of uncertainty. Or in other words, probability refers to uncertainty about the occurrence of an… Read More

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