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A double ended priority queue supports operations of both max heap (a max priority queue) and min heap (a min priority queue). The following operations… Read More
The spliterator() method of PriorityQueue returns a Spliterator the same elements as PriorityQueue.The returned Spliterator is late-binding and fail-fast Spliterator. A late-binding Spliterator binds to… Read More
Priority Queues are abstract data structures where each data/value in the queue has a certain priority. For example, In airlines, baggage with the title “Business”… Read More
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Prerequisite : Priority Queue, Comparator Priority Queue is like a regular queue, but each element has a “priority” associated with it. In a priority queue,… Read More
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Given a tree, print the level order traversal in sorted order. Examples :  Input : 7 / \ 6 5 / \ / \ 4… Read More
Implement Priority Queue using Linked Lists.  push(): This function is used to insert a new data into the queue. pop(): This function removes the element… Read More

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