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Tag Archives: Preorder Traversal

Given a preorder traversal of a BST. The task is to find the number of elements less than root.  Examples:  Input: preorder[] = {3, 2,… Read More
The stack organization is very effective in evaluating arithmetic expressions. Expressions are usually represented in what is known as Infix notation, in which each operator… Read More
Given a binary search tree of n nodes with distinct values. Also given are Q queries. Each query consists of a node value that has… Read More
Given an array representing preorder traversal of BST, print its postorder traversal.  Examples:  Input : 40 30 35 80 100 Output : 35 30 100… Read More
Given a Binary tree and a number N, write a program to find the N-th node in the Preorder traversal of the given Binary tree.… Read More
Given a binary tree and a node in the binary tree, find Preorder predecessor of the given node.  Examples:   Consider the following binary tree 20… Read More
Given a Binary tree and a key in the binary tree, find the node right to the given key. If there is no node on… Read More
Let us consider the below traversals: Inorder sequence: D B E A F C  Preorder sequence: A B D E C F Recommended Practice Construct… Read More
Unlike linear data structures (Array, Linked List, Queues, Stacks, etc) which have only one logical way to traverse them, trees can be traversed in different… Read More

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