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The term “role” describes a set of expected actions and obligations a person has for his or her position in life and relationships with others.… Read More
The prime minister, as the body’s head, supervises the members of the particular government’s council of ministers. The president appoints these ministers, who carry out… Read More
The administrations presented by private hospitals and private schools are very expensive which poor people and, surprisingly, many working-class individuals can’t manage. The framework and… Read More
The main purpose of elections is to enable the people to choose their preferred policies and representatives for the future government during the election campaign… Read More
lnterest group, also known as a special interest, advocacy group, or pressure group, is an association of individuals or organizations, usually organized formally, on the… Read More
Political parties are a group of those people who gather to compete in elections to seize government power. This is a way to mobilize voters… Read More
Power sharing is a practice of the distribution of power among the organs of the government such as the legislature, executive, and judiciary. It helps… Read More
According to the Indian Constitution, the Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial court in India and the ultimate court of appeal. It is… Read More
The victims of the Bhopal gas disaster did not receive justice yet. The accident was caused by the factory’s management’s reckless neglect of safety protocols.… Read More
To know the foundational challenge of democracy we should first understand what exactly democracy is. The term  Democracy originated from the Greek word demos, meaning… Read More
Generalizations are qualities forced upon gatherings as a result of their race, identity, and sexual direction. These qualities will generally be distortions of the gatherings… Read More
The independence of the Judiciary holds a significant role in providing Justice. The thought of Justice, Liberty, and Equality has no meaning without the independence… Read More
The Governor of the state in question administers the oath to the judge of a high court. After the Supreme Court, the High Court is… Read More
According to Article 264 of the Indian Constitution, the division of power between the Union and the State Governments is achieved by a three-fold distribution… Read More
The different marginal groups like Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, and women argue by being citizens of a democratic country, they possess equal rights that ought to… Read More

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