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Democratic rights are part of the rights enjoyed by citizens under a democratic framework. These rights prohibit the elected government from engaging in excessive behavior… Read More
In addition to preserving freedoms, equality, and fraternity, the judiciary ensures justice for all of its citizens. The judiciary’s function in Indian democracy is to… Read More
A Constitution is an academic degree, an authoritative report that communicates individuals’ convictions and desires. It is the country’s central regulation, and any remaining rules… Read More
Let’s look at three examples that will help you comprehend what it’s like to live without rights. Guantanamo Bay prison: The US government surreptitiously abducted… Read More
The idea of free yet clean political selection accommodates also fundamental stages in conformity with political race as the delimitation of supporters, planning, amendment yet… Read More
The rulers of democracy must work with and within institutions. They come across three institutions in this process: legislative, executive, and judiciary, all of which… Read More
Working of Institutions makes sense of the significance of rules and systems which manage a pioneer’s standard in a vote-based government. These standards and guidelines… Read More
The Indian Constitution was drafted in tough circumstances. The creation of a constitution for a vast and diverse country such as India was not an… Read More
 We all need to live joyfully, without fear, without being exposed to biased treatment. That means we need some basic rights. For this, we anticipate… Read More
For smooth functioning of an organization, institution, or school some set of rules is required. For harmony to exist the members belonging to that group… Read More
Articles 12-35 of the Indian Constitution deal with Fundamental Rights. These Rights, as stated by the Constitution are inviolable. Fundamental Rights are basic human rights… Read More
The constitution is a composition of rules, regulations, and standards as per which a nation is administered. It determines how the Government would be chosen… Read More
An election is a system in which voters elect their representatives on a regular basis and can replace them at any time. Elections are a… Read More
The elections refer to the mechanism by which people tend to choose their representatives at regular intervals of time and change them whenever they want… Read More
Different levels of government have functionaries who look after day-to-day decisions but do not exercise supreme power on behalf of the people. These functionaries collectively… Read More

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