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In a society, if someone violates the law, the police officers file a report and arrest him, but the police have no power to decide… Read More
Work helps us earn a living. But more importantly, work gives us a sense of worth to do something and gives meaning to our being.… Read More
The Parliament of our country is treated to be the ultimate legislative body. It represents the Indian republic and it is primarily made up of… Read More
Public Facilities are a key ideal for each person. They ought to be made accessible to each individual living in the country. Regardless, these facilities… Read More
“Law should be equal for everyone”, taking this thought into consideration, the constituent assembly created the kind of judiciary system, that can avail justice for… Read More
A system of rules which a country or community recognizes as regulating the conduct of its members and which it can enforce by imposing sanctions.… Read More
Water in Chennai isn’t accessible and reasonable by all. Municipal supply addresses just about a portion of the issues of individuals of the city, on… Read More
To protect itself against any form of exploitation, the government makes laws to control unfair practices. In this article, the execution of laws and the… Read More
Marginalization implies when someone in particular or a group of individuals are caused to feel insignificant, by people with great influence. Marginalized people are compelled… Read More
The activity of putting something or someone outside of a group and giving them less significance is known as marginalization. A minority or subgroup’s demands… Read More
Public offices are the offices that are given to the overall population at large. These are the essential offices like schooling, food, wellbeing, power, sterilization,… Read More
The Bhopal disaster occurred on the night of December 2-3, 1984, at the Union Carbide India Ltd pesticide facility in Bhopal. This catastrophe affected around… Read More
The term criminal justice is used in a variety of contexts, but it is most commonly used to refer to the series of events, activities,… Read More
Every person has a Fundamental Right to be represented by a lawyer, according to Article 22 of the Constitution. The State is required by Article… Read More
Social or government institutions create a set of rules by giving precise definitions after a long-standing debate and enforce them on a human to regulate… Read More

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