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At the dawn of the 21st century, we experience women working in various fields like teaching, law, nursing, science and technology, and many other fields.… Read More
An individual not having any actual problems or wounds is solid. This means successfulness is the capability to remain liberated from illness, wounds, and infections.… Read More
A crucial premise of a self-governing community is the belief in inequality. Equality does not imply perfect equality. Equality comes from the Latin words aequalis,… Read More
India has a federal constitution. A federal constitution has a national or central government and also state or provincial governments. The framers of our constitution… Read More
Democracy is a political framework in which people directly exercise power or elect individuals to represent the people, such as a parliament. It is also… Read More
Our societies evolved from a small group of people forming communities to becoming the now existing countries and nations. It is a long process and… Read More

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