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Gender division in our society is seen as a natural and unchangeable concept. The roles of men and women in society have a hierarchical division… Read More
Demos, which means “common citizens,” and Kratos, which denotes power, are the two Greek words that are the origin of the phrase “a majority dominates… Read More
In our nation, India, and in the World as a general rule, or even in our lives, we don’t esteem things that come simple. Anything… Read More
Power sharing is a conflict resolution practice in which multiple groups share political, military, or economic power with each other according to agreed rules. It… Read More
In April 2006, Nepal encountered an exceptional famous development. The plan of the development was to reestablish a vote-based system. Individuals battled to recover famous… Read More
The public authority of India is a majority rule type of government. It is the biggest majority rule government in the entire world. The Republic… Read More
The term “democracy” comes from the Greek word demos, which means “common people” and Kratos, which means strength. Democracy is known as the “rule of… Read More
The fundamental tenet of communal politics is that religion serves as the cornerstone of a social community. The following way of thinking is communalist. A… Read More
Orientation, Religion, and Caste are the three support points on which social divisions and disparities of human civilizations lay. Station and orientation are perplexing markers… Read More
A vote based system is the public authority of individuals, for individuals and by individuals. A sort of administration liberates individuals from dictatorship. Power sharing… Read More
The quality of government, economic well-being, inequality, social diversity, freedom, and dignity can all be used to measure the predicted and actual outcomes of democracy.… Read More
Two African-American athletes, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos raised a black-gloved fist during the singing of the US national anthem during the Medal Ceremony of… Read More
A political party is a group of people who join forces to run for office and take control of the government.Every political party has policies… Read More
A political party is a group of people who band together to seek office and take over government power. Every political party has ideas and… Read More
In a democracy, political parties are one of the most important institutions. For most people, democracy is synonymous with political parties. It is critical to… Read More

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