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Off campus placements can be really tiring and intimidating at times and requires an additional effort of contacting the recruiter and getting shortlisted for the… Read More
Wisdoms for CS/IT/ECE/EE guys of 1st, 2nd or 3rd year. You might wonder what does an amateur has to say for a topic that is… Read More
First of all, you can’t compare Campus Placements with off-campus placements. Both of them all good in there in own ways. Let’s discuss both of… Read More
First of all, you should know about the interview process.Each Company searches for savvy specialist and skilled competitors having the capacity to take every necessary… Read More
This article is primarily based on what you should and should not do in the technical Interviews and how a person should be preparing for… Read More
As a fresher, when you step outside and have no idea, how to prepare and how to apply in MNC’s. Then this article is for… Read More
Monetary Independence is one the most important phase in an individual’s life. It gives an opportunity to individuals to think and make decisions in their… Read More
There are plenty of Computer Science jobs available in the market based on your skills and qualification. The booming software field has created a variety… Read More
Technical Interview is one of the easy phases to go through in a company’s recruitment procedure if you approach this the right way, otherwise it… Read More
GATE exam – The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering… Read More
Coding questions in this article are difficulty wise ordered. The idea of this post is to target two types of people. Competitive Programming Preparation (For… Read More
In today’s scenario, there are many people who love to take risks and have high aspirations for themselves. Startup companies are what most of them… Read More
AMCAT is one of the largest employability tests taken by a lot of job seekers every year. AMCAT helps students or Job seekers to examine… Read More
Function Coding Questions are similar to normal coding questions apart from the fact that one does not need to read input and print output from… Read More
This is a model placement paper for aptitude preparation of Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview. This placement paper will cover aptitude questions that are asked in… Read More

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