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Polygons: The word polygon is derived from the Greek word polugonon, here poly means many and gons means angles. Polygons can be defined as a… Read More
A Circle is a 2-dimensional figure. It is a closed figure in which boundary is equidistant from the center and distance from the center to… Read More
A quadrilateral is a 2 – D shape which contain 4 sides. It consist of four sides, four angles and four vertices.   Different type of… Read More
Fraction is the number in the form of numerator/denominator, where numerator and denominator are the integers and denominator ≠ 0. Numerator and denominator are a… Read More
Triangle is one of the basic 2-D shapes in geometry. It consists of three angles, three side and three vertices, e.g.,  On the basis of… Read More
The Ratio is the measure of the relative quantity of two or more than two entity. It is often expressed in terms of the fraction,… Read More
There is a different type of numbers: natural number, real number, whole number, integers, etc. Integers are the numbers -1, -2, -3, -4, 1, 2,… Read More
Percent is combination of two words per which means for each and cent means hundred. So, percent means some quantity for each hundred quantity. It… Read More
A number can be expressed in terms of base and its powers or exponent or index (Number = Baseexponent). The base of a number can… Read More
The value of a digit can be determined by using its digit, position of digit in the number and base of the given number system.… Read More
The first question arises that what is the placement drive in various engineering colleges? Let me explain it. After completing the high school degree you… Read More
Often, we underestimate things or just simply, mess up. So it’s good to have a fresh mind with some simple tips to do better in… Read More
Q.1 Write down the smallest executable code? Ans. main is necessary for executing the code. Code is C void main() { } Output:      Q.2… Read More
Off campus placements can be really tiring and intimidating at times and requires an additional effort of contacting the recruiter and getting shortlisted for the… Read More

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