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Inertia is the quality of a body that opposes any force that seeks to move it or, if it is moving, to modify the amount… Read More
According to Poiseuille’s law, the flow of liquid varies depending on the length of the tube, the radius of the tube, the pressure gradient and… Read More
The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position as a function of time and frame of reference. The speed is… Read More
A voltage divider is a circuit that is utilised to generate a part of the input voltage as an output. It is typically built using… Read More
A capacitor is simply an electric device that consists of two terminals that have the ability to store energy in the form of an electric… Read More
An inductor is a coil of wire that produces an electrical field when a current passes through it. Inductive Reactance is the measure of an… Read More
Gay Lussac law relates the values of pressure and temperature of a gas. It states that for a gas with a fixed mass held at… Read More
In the special theory of relativity, the traditional concept of absolute universal time is replaced with the concept of time that is based on reference… Read More
Spring is a tool which applies an equal and opposite force to a body that compresses or stretches it. This behaviour is shown by the… Read More
An electric charge is surrounded by an electric field, which also exerts a force on other charges in the field. It attracts or repels them… Read More
The power of moving entities is referred to as kinetic energy. It might be either longitudinal or rotating. As a result, an entity in the rotation… Read More
Capacitive Reactance is the measurement of a capacitor’s resistance to alternating current. It is known that a capacitor is defined as a device that stores… Read More
Surface energy is the energy that exists between the surface molecules of solid materials or substances when a comparable attractive force exists. Low to high… Read More
Strain energy is the energy stored in a body as a result of deformation. It is represented by the symbol U. It’s unit of measurement… Read More
When it comes to sound propagation, the Doppler Shift is the shift in pitch of a source as it travels. The frequency seems to grow… Read More

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