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Flow rate is the measurement of how much liquid travels in a given length of time, as the name implies. Its current is also affected… Read More
Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon in which a conductor is placed in a certain position and the magnetic field varies or remains stationary as the… Read More
Radio waves are defined as waves with a large wavelength that can propagate along the curvature of the earth. They are a part of the… Read More
The viscosity of a liquid is defined as a frictional force in its flow. In other words, viscosity occurs when there is relative motion between… Read More
Resistors in parallel are defined as a circuit in which two or more resistors are connected parallelly to each other such that both terminals of… Read More
Equivalent resistance is defined as the total resistance of the circuit for the resistors connected in series or parallel. Resistors are electrical devices that limit… Read More
Polarization is defined as a phenomenon generated by the wave nature of electromagnetic radiation. Polarized light is a state in which the light waves are… Read More
The resonant frequency is defined as the frequency of a circuit when the values of capacitive impedance and the inductive impedance become equal. It is… Read More
The heat of fusion is defined as the amount of energy lost when a certain mass of liquid solidifies. In other words, it is the… Read More
Brownian Movement is defined as the random movement of particles inside a fluid. It is the random zig-zag motion of a particle, which is typically… Read More
Mechanical advantage is a measurement that gives the ratio of the force provided to the load to the force needed to overcome the supplied force.… Read More
The renowned theory of relativity was established by Albert Einstein. The physical laws are the same across quasi witnesses, according to this idea. It also… Read More
Force of attraction is defined as a force that causes two or more objects to come together, even if they are not near to or… Read More
Gram Formula mass is the atomic mass of one mole of an element or a molecular compound, or an ionic compound. To put it another… Read More
Tangential acceleration is the rate at which a tangential velocity varies in the rotational motion of any object. It acts in the direction of a… Read More

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