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Heat is a type of energy that moves from a hot to a cold thing. When we contact something cold, heat from our bodies is… Read More
Is it known why red colour is used at warnings on road? The reason is that red has the highest wavelength among all colours. So… Read More
The heat of reaction also known as Enthalpy of Reaction is the difference in the enthalpy value of a chemical reaction under constant pressure. It… Read More
Voltage is what makes electric charges move and it is measured in volts (v). So Voltage drop describes how the energy supplied by a voltage… Read More
When voltage is applied across any conductor then electric charges start flowing through a conductor and the rate of flow of charge is termed as… Read More
Understanding the rate at which travel takes place necessitates an understanding of average speed. The speed of travel may change from time to time. In… Read More
The concept of Momentum in physics is very important without which most of the theories in physics will fail. The momentum can be calculated by… Read More
Velocity is defined as the rate of change of its position with respect to its frame of reference. It is a vector quantity as it… Read More

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