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A Carnot motor is a hypothetical motor that works on the Carnot cycle. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot fostered the fundamental model for this motor in… Read More
The laws of motion, which are the foundation of old-style mechanics, are three explanations that portray the connections between the forces following up on a… Read More
There is a story about the discovery of gravity which says that Newton discovered gravity in the year 1665 when he was sitting under the… Read More
Torque is the turning effect of force about the axis of rotation (the point at which an object rotates) which causes an object to rotate… Read More
Angular Momentum is a kinematic characteristic of a system with one or more point masses. Angular momentum is sometimes called Rotational Momentum or Moment of… Read More
Energy is the capacity of the object to do work, the energy according to physicists is always constant and can only be converted from one… Read More
The second law of thermodynamics defines that heat cannot move from a reservoir of lower temperature to a reservoir of higher temperature in a cyclic… Read More
Scalar and Vector Quantities are used to describe the motion of an object. Scalar Quantities are defined as the physical quantities that have magnitude or… Read More
Thermodynamics is the study of the concepts and ideas of Heat and Temperature and their interrelation. Thermodynamics is a branch of Physics that explains how… Read More
Contact and Non-Contact Forces are the two main types of forces. Contact Force is a force that acts between the objects in contact with each… Read More
First Law of Thermodynamics adaptation of the Law of Conservation of Energy differentiates between three types of energy transfer: Heat, Thermodynamic Work, and Energy associated… Read More
Specific heat capacity is a Physical Property of Matter. The specific heat capacity is defined as the amount of heat energy needed to increase the… Read More
Moment of inertia is the property of a body in rotational motion. It is similar to the inertia of any body in translational motion. Moment… Read More
Heat capacity or thermal capacity is an extensive property of matter, that defines its physical property. Heat Capacity is the amount of heat that must… Read More
Distance and Displacement are two crucial terms of Mechanics that may seem the same but have different meanings and definitions. Distance is a measure of… Read More

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