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CBSE Notes for Class 10 Science are developed by experts from the latest NCERT Science textbooks. These notes help students to score good marks in… Read More
Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in velocity. This implies that if an object’s velocity is increasing or decreasing, then the object is… Read More
Magnetic field is considered a region where the force of magnetism is present. This magnetic force is generally created by a moving charge or magnetic… Read More
Ohm’s Law provides a relationship between current, resistance, and voltage across an electrical circuit. This relationship between current I, voltage V, and resistance R was… Read More
There existed a time when no electronic devices were available, devices like laptops, and cellphones, there even was a time when humans did not have… Read More
Refractive Index is a property of any material which is used to define the ratio between the speed of light in a medium to the… Read More
The flow of electric charges is known as electricity, and it is responsible for producing electric current. An important word associated with electricity is electric… Read More
Just as static electric charges create an electric field, moving charges create a magnetic field. Therefore, a moving charge creates both an electric and a… Read More
Heating Effect of Electric Current is a phenomenon that is generally used in our daily life. The electric kettle, toaster, heater, and other appliances are… Read More
Mirrors are the surfaces that reflect almost all types of incident light rays that hit their surface. The mirror can have either a plane or… Read More
Refraction is an important term used in the Ray Optics branch of Physics. Refraction of light is defined as the change in direction or the… Read More
While studying the reflection of light by spherical mirrors and the formation of images by spherical mirrors, a set of sign conventions are needed to… Read More
Reflection or Reflection of light is the process of bouncing back light rays when it strikes the smooth and shiny reflecting surface. It is due… Read More

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