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Error in PHP occurs when we do not deal with the cases accordingly.  There are many errors that occur during the file upload. The errors… Read More
In PHP. there is a superglobal variable that can provide you with the URL of the current working page. The $_SERVER is an inbuilt variable… Read More
In PHP, we can access the actual name of the file which we are uploading by keyword $_FILES[“file”][“name”]. The $_FILES is the by default keyword… Read More
XAMPP is a Web development tool, created by Apache, that makes it easy to run PHP (Personal Home Pages) scripts on your computer locally. Installation… Read More
ReactJS: It is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It’s ‘V’ in MVC. ReactJS is an open-source, component-based front-end library… Read More
Widgets are the pre-built modular element that helps to add specific features to blogs/websites. It can be added in the footer, sidebar, etc.. The area… Read More
Exceptions in PHP: The exception is the one that describes the error or unexpected behavior of the PHP script. The exception is thrown in many… Read More
WordPress comes with the default user interface dashboard, but sometimes we made a website for our clients and want to white label the WordPress dashboard… Read More
JSON is a JavaScript notation for storing and fetching data. Data is usually stored in JSON, XML, or in some other database. It is a… Read More
Including the content of a PHP file into another file reduces the complexity of code by reducing the code and improving its modularity by splitting… Read More
We all know that WordPress is a very good tool that helps us to make our desired website quickly without using any programming knowledge. But… Read More
The PHP session is required so that you can store the user information and use it on different pages of the browser.  Approach: It creates… Read More
When you log in to your WordPress site, the application places a toolbar at the top of the page. And the toolbar is always present,… Read More
WordPress plugins are one of the most important parts of WordPress it is just like the apps in mobile phones which add extra functionality to… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to upload a file using PHP. Let us first understand some basic configurations. Approach: In your “php.ini” file,… Read More

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