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PHP provides many inbuilt variables or functions to perform this kind of operation. One of them is file_get_contents to download the files from the external… Read More
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Owning a content-filled website has its own plus effects. It builds reliability among the audience and serves as a great way to engage with them.… Read More
In this article, we will see array_map(), array_reduce(), and array_walk() functions in PHP. We will see how these functions work along with understanding their basic… Read More
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In this article, we will discuss PDO in PHP in detail. There are three main options for  PHP <?php     try {         $dbhost = 'localhost';         $dbname='gfg';… Read More
In a few situations, you might need to check whether the folder already exists, and if not, you might have to create it. In some… Read More
In WordPress, we have a configuration file named .htaccess. This file is used on web servers for running Apache Software and with this file, you… Read More

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