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Technical Round 1: This round is based on DSA. 3 questions were asked. Given an array, check whether it is possible to get two numbers… Read More
Tips for Interview: Practice at least(easy and medium questions from leetcode under(Top Interview Questions)) or all the questions from Gfg under(must do coding questions for… Read More
First round was a coding round in which 4 questions were asked. But I can only remember two of them. Possible to form a triangle… Read More
Online Coding Round: Count ways to exit matrix [N][M] (4 adjacent directions movements) from given (Sx, Sy). The starting point is at most K steps.… Read More
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Round 1: Machine Coding Design a snake and ladder game. Code should be modular and demoable. Time given was 90 minutes. He mentioned the code… Read More
Coding Round: Design and code a Queue Service, allowing multiple subscribers on a topic. Each consumer can have multiple pollers – implement parallel polling using sub… Read More

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