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I had an interview with Philips Bangalore in 2020, the whole process consists of 4 rounds, Coding Round 1(Offline with interviewer) Coding Round 2(Offline with… Read More
Initially CGPA shortlisting was done for students. Round 1(Online Test): 60 minutes The test was conducted on Mettl platform. There were 10 logical reasoning questions… Read More
(Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore) First round : Hackerearth simple C# MCQ test (15 questions) Second Round : 30 minutes interview on C# , How to… Read More
After applying for Philips, first they shortlisted students based on the resume. Out of around 200 people, only 50 made through. Round  1:  Online Test(60… Read More
Round 0 – Online test: About 60 students were shortlisted for the test. The test was for 60 minutes. 10 minutes for aptitude – 10… Read More
Round 1: Written Round ( online test ) Solve 10 MCQ based on logical reasoning in 10 minutes. 2 coding question ( 50 minutes ):… Read More
Initially 15 students were shortlisted out of 83 students on the basis of online coding round. codes were very basic like GCD of an array.… Read More
Round 1: Coding & Aptitude Test It was an online test on Mettl test platform. It had two sections : Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Coding… Read More
Philips visited our campus for recruiting for FT roles for Software Developer profile. Round 0: Resumes were shortlisted and only candidates with CGPA over 7… Read More
Round 1: Written Test (Online) First round comprised of 10 mcq based on logical reasoning (blood relation, direction sense, seating arrangement etc)  to be solved… Read More
Written Test was from Hackerearth platform. Video monitoring 15 questions 10 questions – MCQ (java, c, and maths) 5 programming questions – (anagram, lcm, print… Read More
Philips India came for software profile. Registration on placements portal(IRIS). Strict cut off 7.0 cgpa. In total there was 4 Round as given below. 1.… Read More
My resume was shortlisted for the process, which required taking up the test remotely with a functioning webcam and microphone. Round 1: Online Test 1)… Read More
There were 3 rounds.  Round 1- Online test which comprised of aptitude(very easy), technical (C, C++, dbms, OS, networks) and 2 coding(automata as they say)… Read More
Round 1: Resume-based shortlisting Phillips Innovation Campus, Bangalore contacted our college to hire Summer Interns for 2 months, starting May 2018. The first round was… Read More

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