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In Perl, there are values of different types like strings, integers, rational numbers, and more. Coercion is responsible for converting one data type of data… Read More
In Perl, when a code-script gets bigger in size i.e. contains hundreds of lines of code, it becomes difficult to manage such a code-script. To… Read More
Closure is one of the important concepts in Perl. Closure is a computer term with an accurate but a hard to explain meaning. It is… Read More
The eof() function is used to check if the End Of File (EOF) is reached. It returns 1 if EOF is reached or if the… Read More
In Perl, Autoload is a routine or a mechanism which is defined into a package. It is simple to use. It is applied whenever there… Read More
In Perl, sometimes there is a need to solve various expressions that contain some mathematical operations. These mathematical operations can be performed with the use… Read More
In Perl, array is a special type of variable. The array is used to store the list of values and each object of the list… Read More
A string in Perl is a scalar variable and start with a ($) sign and it can contain alphabets, numbers, special characters. The string can… Read More
glob() function in Perl is used to print the files present in a directory passed to it as an argument. This function can print all… Read More
A Perl function or subroutine is a group of statements that together perform a specific task. In every programming language, the user wants to reuse… Read More
Prerequisite: Perl | Subroutines or Functions A Perl function or subroutine is a group of statements that together perform a specific task. In every programming… Read More
The chomp() function in Perl is used to remove the last trailing newline from the input string. Syntax: chomp(String) Parameters: String : Input String whose… Read More
wantarray() function in Perl returns True if the currently executing subroutine expects to return a list value, and false if it is looking for a… Read More
tell() function in Perl is used to get the position of the read pointer in a File with the use of its FileHandle. If no… Read More
getc() function in Perl is used to read the next character from the file whose File Handle is passed to it as argument. If no… Read More

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