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I got the opportunity to attend the interview through one of my closest friends’ referral for a vacant position in his team. Round 1(1 hour):… Read More
Round 1: Online Coding Challenge It was held in HackerRank platform with 2 questions Easy question with 50 Mark & Hard question with 100 mark… Read More
Round 1(Coding Round): This round basically had 2 coding questions. One is a dynamic programming based question and the second question is an implementation based… Read More
PayPal conducted an online campus challenge in 2020, that had programming questions to be solved. Though I wasn’t able to clear the challenge, I received… Read More
Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. I’m sharing my experience with Paypal.  Round 1(HackerEarth Test): 2 questions 1.5 hrs Based on 2D array… Read More
Round 1(Data Structures & Algorithms): Self Introduction (5 min) After that, they asked the below Find the element that occurs more than once( Find all… Read More
Online Coding Round: 1 hr 15 mins (100 marks) One another question of 50 marks, solved with brute force Technical Interview: 1 hr i/p… Read More
Each round happens on a knock-out basis. Round 1 : (Hackerearth based test) [Time : 1h15m] This round had 2 questions.  Given an array of… Read More
Round 1( Coding Test): 2 coding questions on hackerrank platform: The questions were similar to i.e., a) Count Vowels Permutation (, b)Check if any permutation… Read More
Recently, I have been through the interview experience of PayPal India and I would like to share my experience with everyone. Position: SDE- 1 Totally… Read More
Round 1(Coding Test): This was a fairly easy round, 2 questions were asked, and we had 2 hrs to solve the questions. The first question… Read More
This is an Internship interview experience for Paypal done at VIT University. This interview is for Data Analytics Side. There are a total of 3… Read More
Online Assessment: 2 Questions – 120 Minutes Question 1 – Coloring nx3 board with 3 colors An automated painting system needs a program that can… Read More
Round 1:   First round coding held in GUVI platform .This round comprises of, 20 MCQ Questions comprises of Quants, Puzzles, Datastructures, algorithm, etc… all mcqs… Read More
Round 1: Write a program to find the subsets of an array ? Write a program to find the least ancestor node of a binary… Read More

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