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Today, I took the PayPal summer intern test which consisted of 11 questions.  One of the questions was a coding question that required me to… Read More
 Selection process: Resume shortlisting: For this, I will say a decent GPA (preferably 8+) will get you shortlisted for the on-campus placement. Online Assessment (Coding… Read More
Round 1- Online test on hackerrank 6 MCQs- aptitude, DSA application in real life, DBMS, difficulty level: easy 2 coding questions – difficulty level: medium … Read More
This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other… Read More
Hi Folks, I was interviewed recently at PayPal for the role of Backend Java developer (Software Developer). To give an overview, I have an experience… Read More
Round 1: Hacker rank round: I don’t remember the questions. Round 2: Technical Round  Brief Intro Given an unsorted array arr of size N of… Read More
The string “PAYPALISHIRING” is written in a zigzag pattern on a given number of rows like this: (you may want to display this pattern in… Read More
There was a total of 3 rounds of interviews. Round 1(Online Test): I got a Hacker earth test link. There were 3 questions of easy… Read More
Online Assessment: Three questions were given time allotted was 50 mins. Easy Math tag question just need to know physics formulas s= ut + 1/2… Read More
Online Test: It had two questions. One was named abandoned City and was needed to be solved using Binary search. It was a medium-level difficulty… Read More
I have applied for the SDE-2 role through Instahyre. Got a call from HR and then a test link was sent to me. Round 1(Online… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Percentage Criteria in X and XII: 85% or 8.5 CGPA Pursuing Degree: 90% or 9.0 CGPA No Standing Arrears Round 1: Coding roundTime:… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Percentage Criteria in X and XII: 85% or 8.5 CGPA Pursuing Degree: 85% or 8.5 CGPA No Standing Arrears Round 1: Online Assessment… Read More
I got the opportunity to attend the interview through one of my closest friends’ referral for a vacant position in his team. Round 1(1 hour):… Read More
Round 1: Online Coding Challenge It was held in HackerRank platform with 2 questions Easy question with 50 Mark & Hard question with 100 mark… Read More

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