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Online Round: The online assessment consists of 3 questions that have to be solved in 90 minutes: The question was based on Longest common subsequences. … Read More
A permutation also called an “arrangement number” or “order,” is a rearrangement of the elements of an ordered list S into a one-to-one correspondence with… Read More
Online Round : There was a total of 3 questions, and the time given was 90 minutes. Find Excel column name from a given column… Read More
Year of Experience: 3.9 Years. There are four rounds in total. Round 1(Screening Round): Duration: 60 minutes. find pair in an array whose sum is… Read More
Year of Experience: 4.5 Years. Really well organized, and the entire process was completed in 3 days, as opposed to top MNCs, which delay each… Read More
I recently got Placed in Oyo Rooms through an On-Campus Drive. Here I am Sharing My complete Recruitment Process (Online Test and Technical Interviews). Hope… Read More
Process: There were 3 rounds.  1st was the coding round which consists of 25 MCQ’s and 2 Programming Questions.  46 students were shortlisted after this… Read More
OYO visited our campus in the month of November for the SDE-I profile. A total of 1651 students applied. Round 1 (Online Test): The online… Read More
Oyo visits our campus on 18 December 2020 for full-time developers. There was a total of 3 rounds including the online test. Round 1: This… Read More
OYO Rooms visited Our campus for SDE -1 (Intern And FTE) Virtually. ROUND 1(Online Test): This round was held on the Hacker Earth platform  Section1(Aptitude… Read More
OYO Rooms visited our campus for Recruiting Software Engineers. Eligible Branches were CSE, CCE, ECE. CGPA CUTOFF: Above six without an active backlog Round 1… Read More
OYO Rooms visited our campus for Recruiting SDE-1. Eligible Branches were CSE, IT, ECE, EEE. CGPA Cutoff: 7 Round 1(Online Coding Round): The Online Round… Read More
OYO Rooms visited NIT Patna for hiring SDE (Intern + FTE). Students of CSE and ECE having more than 6 CGPA were eligible. The online… Read More
Oyo visited our campus for the SDE-1 profile and a total of 1652 students applied for it. Round 1 (Online test): The first round consisted… Read More

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