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Given an array arr[] and a number K, where K is smaller than the size of the array, we need to find the Kth smallest… Read More
Quickselect is a selection algorithm to find the k-th smallest element in an unordered list. It is related to the quick sort sorting algorithm.Examples:   Input:… Read More
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Given k sorted arrays of possibly different sizes, find m-th smallest value in the merged array.Examples:   Input: m = 5 arr[][] = { {1, 3},… Read More
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Given a linked list. The task is to find the second last node of the linked list using a single traversal only. Examples:  Input :… Read More
Given a list of items and their values. The task is to find k items with the lowest value. It is possible that two items… Read More
Find kth smallest or largest element in an unsorted array, where k<=size of array. It is given that elements of array are in small range.… Read More
You are given Q queries. Each query contains an integer k and a person’s information i.e, first name, last name, age. For each query, we… Read More
In the world of Statistics, the very first thing to be done before any estimation is to create a Sample set from the entire Population… Read More
Given a binary search tree, task is to find Kth largest element in the binary search tree. Example:  Input : k = 3 Root of… Read More
Given n and q, i.e, the number of ranges and number of queries, find the kth smallest element for each query (assume k>1).Print the value… Read More
We have a simple binary tree and we have to print the top 3 largest elements present in the binary tree. Examples:  Input : 1… Read More

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